The Ever Growing List of Misspelled Words People Still Can’t Get Right

Surprisingly Misspelled Words

Even in this age of spellcheckers, it’s possible to make spelling errors. Whether you didn’t check well enough, whether you accidentally turned it off, or whether you’re writingin a platform without a spellchecker, bad spelling can be a killer. If people see that your spelling is poor, you might get a lack of respect or even lose a job or a grade on account of it. Avoid such pitfalls by upping your spelling game with the help of English grammar check. Learn how to correctly spell commonly misspelled words.

The Most Commonly Misspelled Words

These words are among the most commonly misspelled of all time. Memorize them with mnemonics or just look them up when you use them, but make sure you get them right.

Avoid Even the Most Misspelled Word

Why do people misspell these words? The quickest answer is that they’re used to the way they spell them, and ignore hints to the contrary. People tend to rely on their perceptions above actual facts, and when those perceptions are wrong, that’s where the issue comes in.

the most commonly misspelled words

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So how do you avoid these misspelled words? The first step is to thoroughly check things. If there’s a squiggle from your spellchecker, take time to look the word up, even if you think it’s right as-is. You could be right, but it’s time well spent anyway.

  • Publicly: No ally in publicly.
  • Accidentally: Remember, this one has an ally in it!
  • Acquire: a tricky one, like acquit; remember that this has two consonants by remember it as ak-kwit.
  • Believe: I before e, except after c, when it says “ee” (unlike when it says “ey” as in beige).
  • Bellwether: This refers to a gelded ram who led the pack – not to the weather.
  • A lot: Don’t make the mistake of spelling this as one word a lot!
  • Conscience: There’s science in conscience!
  • Embarrassment: This long word is large enough for a double r and a double ss.
  • Necessary: It’s necessary for a shirt to have one collar and two sleeves, just like this word has one c and two s’s.
  • Colonel: Even though it’s pronounced kernel, remember that it comes from a word meaning “column” and you’ll be right as rain.
  • Medieval: This word is spelled with MED, not MID – a trap!
  • Pastime: There’s no double s in this one, despite it being something you do to pass the time.
  • Restaurant: Remember that it’s rest and rant at the beginning and the end and the rest will fall into place.
  • Rhyme: Rhyme is spelled to look like rhythm. Remember the two have the same beginning.

Secondly, using a more detailed online spelling and grammar checker can also help you. Word processor spellcheckers often fail to catch mistakes that are actual words; for instance, four instead of for. A more detailed checker can see these mistakes and point them out to you so you can fix them.

Become A Master of Spelling

Want to master spelling in general, not just this list? Asking for help is always a good first step. No matter what you’re doing, spelling can help you excel. Everyone respects someone who spells competently and doesn’t make hilarious grammar mistakes. So if you need help with spelling, check out the rest of our website. You’ll learn all the ins and outs in no time.

To avoid making one of the mistakes on this list of misspelled words, check out our tool today and become the perfect speller!

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