English Grammar Is Weird

Sometimes English language is weird, but still it is grammatically correct. To know more some sentences that sound crazy, but still grammatically, check this page.


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Crazy Sounding Sentences That Are Still Grammatical

  • One morning, Jack shot an elephant in his pajamas. How he got into his pajamas, you will never know.
  • The complex house married and single soldiers as well as their families
  • Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.

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Reasons Why English is Weird

  • The farm was being used to produce.
  • You must polish the Polish materials.
  • You did not object to the object.
  • You can lead if you can get the lead out.
  • Since there is no much time for the present, she thought that it was the perfect time to present the present.

Comical Quotes About Confusing Language

English language is funny – “a slim chance” and “a fat chance” are the same.

J. Gustav White

If English language made sense, then lackadaisical can have something to do with flowers shortage.

Doug Larson

Why people have noses that run as well as feet that smell?

Unknown author

English language is funny; explaining why people park their car on driveway and drive their car on parkway.

Unknown author

The word good has several meanings. For instance, if a woman were to shoot his cousin at range of four hundred yards, you can call her a good shot, but not necessarily a great woman.

G.K. Chesterton

English grammar is confusing and complex for one simple reason that its terminology and rules are based on Latin wherein a language that has little in common.

Bill Bryson

It is true that English language is sometimes weird and many people are confused about it, but if you completely understand the meaning, you get the idea on what the sentence is all.

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