Oxford English Grammar – Grammatical Forms and How They Are Used in Standard British English Today

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oxford english grammarWhen it comes to writing, it is vital that you recognize the difference between American and British English especially when your audience is specific about grammar. One of the most basic rules in Oxford English grammar would be using punctuation is only place within the quotation marks if it is punctuation that is a part of the quoted text. Another common mistake when writing in Oxford English grammar would be spelling. American English words ending in -er usually are -re in British English like theater/theatre or words with -ou like honor/honour, color/colour.

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There are also numerous words that are easily confused with many writers. It is important that you use the right words as for you to make a stellar impression on your audience. In Oxford English grammar, a jumper is a pinafore dress, a sweater is a jumper, a rubber is a condom, an eraser is a rubber, pants are trousers, panties are pants, chips are crisps and French fries are actually chips. Keep in mind that when writing to a British reader, it is crucial that you use appropriate words, otherwise, misinterpretation is guaranteed.

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oxford english grammarThere are many differences between Oxford English grammar and American English and this is one of the many reasons why proofreading is very essential. As for you to reach your audience effective, you should be able to eliminate common mistakes not only in grammar but also spelling, punctuation, capitalization and word usage among many others. Do not hesitate to use English text check, English syntax checker and avail expert help from the best proofreaders online as to enjoy premium Oxford guide to English grammar.

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